{hacker} {c, asm, python} {weightlifter} {food eater}

Computer Science student with a passion in theory, mathematics and hacking, hoping to complete a PhD sometime in the near future.

I enjoy problem solving, weightlifting, playing games and sleeping.

I thrive on problem solving and have a love-hate relationship with puzzles and maths.

I used to swim competitively, 2 hours a day, however I now compete in Olympic Weightlifting.

I can speak fluent Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and English.

University + Education

Here's some stuff, or coursework, I've done while studying at University or on my own

BSc Computer Science
Sep '14 - Jun '17

1st year

During my first year I created a Virtual Robot in Python using OOP, working with A* pathfinding and a few other sorting or merge algorithms. It looks pretty. I also did some maths coursework.

2nd year

My second year was focussed mainly on programming, where I worked on; software development methodologies, class diagrams and Agile; linked lists, graphs, trees and data viz; and OS architecture such as caches, buffers, bootloaders. I also did some stuff with MATLAB and Simulink.

3rd year

In my third year I have studied the Foundations of Computer Science and Computational Theory, Software Quality and Process Management whilst working on an assignment submission system, Security and Compliance in the Cloud and Concurrent and Real-Time System Design. I also wrote my dissertation on MP3 Steganography.

MSc Computer Science
Sep '17 - Jun '18



This is always ongoing, with my areas of interest being one too many; cyber security, 0days, malware, OS development, neural networks, machine learning/AI...

MP3 Steganography

Currently researching how to improve MP3 Steganography, its current practices, and new techniques for achieving them.

Places I've worked at

I did, or do, some hard work here

2010 - 2012

Company set up by me and a friend. Worked as Lead Penetration Tester conducting both black and white box attacks on web applications and systems.


Rebel Hack Studios is a London based, service led marketing and data software development studio that also does cool data hacking stuff too. I do sys admin stuff, hack on security, as well as front and back end development and some software development.

Projects & code & shit


I've began working on a small kernel project.

COOL compiler

A compiler for the COOL language.

Virtual Robot
2014 - 2015

Virtual Robot written in Python. Uses OOP, A* pathfinding, merge sort and looks nice.

Google CodeJam 2016

I wasn't at home to properly take part in the 2016 Google CodeJam, although I was able to scrub up on the qualification round challenges.

April 2016

Competed in the 48 hour PlaidCTF... although I only had 24 since I had to study for my exams too. Even so, I managed to stay in the top 100 out of roughly 1000~ other teams.